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Star Trek Online is an upcoming MMO game developed by Cryptic Studios. It’s however not the same team which developed the recently released Champions Online which unfortunately didn’t turn out so well. Star Trek Online is however a much better game and commanding your own starship will undoubtedly be more fun than what most other games offer.

There are many different starships in STO, and all fit in one of three main categories: Escort ships, Science ships and Cruiser Ships.

1. Escort Ships

Escort ships are the smallest and fastest and pack 중국배대지 unusually big firepower. Escort ships are also the only ships on which you can equip cannons. They are however not the best when it comes to various science or engineering tasks, but their high damage output in most cases makes it unnecessary.

2. Science Ships

Science ships are medium size ships with a little bit of everything. They don’t have as much firepower or maneuverability as Escort vessels but they make up for it with advanced shields, detection of cloaked ships, awesome buffs and debuffs, sensors which detect weaknesses in opponents ships and similar features. Overall, in a large battle you will want to bring a Science ship as well.

3. Cruiser Ships

Cruiser ships are the largest vessels in Star Trek Online which can compliment up to a thousands crew members on board. That makes them perfect for sending boarding parties as well as fight against them. Cruisers feature the biggest Warp Core which gives more power to all ships subsystems making them more effective, as well as the highest amount of weapon slots, which obviously make Cruiser ships a formidable ship to battle against. They are also very effective when transporting goods due to their high storage capacity.

It depends on players rank which ship he can command. Higher rank obviously enables you to have a bigger and better ship, which can further be enhanced by a number of ways. You can use various items obtained on missions and elsewhere to equip your vessel with better weapons, shield, deflector and other features. You also get to use Bridge Officers which have access to different skills depending on their rank and the rank of the bridge station you assign them to. Additionally, you can enhance your ship with station modifications, which can all previously be seen in movies and TV shows, for example graviton generators.